Top 5 wine tours in Montpellier, France wine region

Le domaine Ollier Taillefer vous accueille dans leur domaine familial pour une dégustation de vins

Are you seeking a unique experience in Montpellier that lasts the duration of your stay? Have you ever explored its acclaimed vineyards or taken one of the magnificent and famed wine tours in Montpellier – or are you looking to do so?

Well, look no further! With only a 90 minute train ride from Marseille and 10 kilometers away from the beachside bliss of the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier is waiting to greet you with open arms.

Revel in its picturesque beaches and monuments while discovering yet another world—the expansive landscape of its wineries.

From wine tastings to workshops and aperitifs with the winemakers or friends, your stay in this sunny city will be nothing short of sacred.

To help you create an unforgettable experience, Winalist has crafted a list of 5 amazing activities for you to partake in amongst the vineyards of the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillon wine region of France. Read on for all the details about these mesmerizing encounters in Montpellier.

Wine tours in Montpellier: Winalist’s special selection

Are you prepared to explore the stunning wineries of Montpellier? Our selection of visits, tastings and other activities surrounding the Languedoc-Roussillon appellation will be sure to make your visit memorable. Come and experience the wines directly from their estate, surrounded by breathtaking vineyards in every direction!

1. Learn to taste wine with Ludivinum

Whether you are a novice, newbie or experienced wine connoisseur, it doesn’t matter – everyone has to start somewhere, and Southern France wine hosts are the perfect place for you to start! Join Ludivinum – École des Vins on their journey in Saint-Jean-de-Védas as they show you how to savor the ultimate experience of tasting wines.

Uncover your inner connoisseur and unlock the secrets of a genuine oenophile: become versed in proper viniculture in Southern France wine regions, distinguish between visual, aromatic and taste examinations, recognize the fragrances of wine varietals and master the language of winemaking.

Expert Bernard Bruzac, agricultural engineer oenologist and master of ceremonies at the tasting, has carefully curated five delightful wines for you to experience. To ensure your culinary adventure is complete, he’s also included a snack and documentation which will further enrich your understanding of each fine vintage. Join us in Montpellier to tantalize your taste buds with this incredible wine-tasting activity on Winalist!

You will be able to leave here with more than one trick up your sleeve and impress your guests during your future dinners with friends!

What to do in Montpellier this weekend? A walk in the vineyards with Bertrand.
What to do in Montpellier this weekend? A walk in the vineyards with Bertrand.

2. Road trip in a 1969 Volkswagen with guide Bertrand Bosc

Looking for an intriguing and truly vintage way to explore Montpellier? Take a journey into the past with your guide, Bertrand, and his 1969 Volkswagen combi! Along the way, you will be filled with invigorating freedom as well as surprise, knowledge about vineyards, and tastings of local wines. Don’t miss this opportunity – book your tour today. We promise it’ll be an unforgettable experience!

wine tours in montpellier france

3. Put yourself in the shoes of a winemaker with Domaine Enclos de la Croix

For this next wine experience, go to the Domaine Enclos de la Croix in Lansargues. If you’re looking for your next wine-tasting experience, Domaine Enclos de la Croix in Lansargues is the place to go. Not only will their expert winegrowers take you on a tour of the cellar, but they’ll also introduce you to their animals and workhorses (in wintertime only).

On top of that, if it takes your fancy, help yourself to some freshly plucked vegetables from their garden! After settling down comfortably with them and listening to all about how they became organic farmers, animal traction enthusiasts and passionately produce wines from growing grapes until selling them off at the cellars.

By granting access to their visitors, this area will now be open for exploration. To cap off your journey and visit, you can enjoy a tasting of the locally produced wines followed by an exquisite lunch with all sorts of seasonal fruits and vegetables lovingly prepared on a stunningly decorated table. We’re certain this incredible one of the best wine tours in Montpellier won’t disappoint!

4. Visit and tasting at the Ollier-Taillefer family estate

Next up in our favorite wine tours in Montpellier is the Ollier-Taillefer family estate.

If you’re looking for an incredible wine tour near Montpellier, then look no further than the Ollier-Taillefer family estate. Situated just outside of Montpellier in Fos is this spectacular vineyard run by Luc and Françoise Ollier – fifth generation winemakers. Not only will you get to experience some amazing wines in a beautiful setting, but also learn about the history and process behind each bottle!

Come explore the Montpellier wine estate, situated in the AOC Faugères region and sprawling across 36 hectares. With organic farming practices on board, they are able to produce an impressive yearly output of 1100 hectoliters! Meet up with the vintner siblings and be taken to their cellar where you can witness firsthand how these wines come alive.

Take pleasure in tasting reds, whites, rosés — all crafted from this magical location! And when your enchanting journey ends here, don’t forget to bring home a few bottles made right at their own premises — memories that will last for years!

5. Tasting of atypical wines at Domaine Combe Blanche

Last but not least, La Combe Blanche is a small estate located in the heart of Cru La Livinière, 1er cru of Languedoc – and one of the best wine tours in Montpellier, France.

Beginning in July 2018, this estate started its organic transformation and has now outlined ambitious plans for 2020 with the eldest son Ambroise taking over. These efforts include modernizing both the cellar and cellars, as well as restructuring of vines to guarantee outstanding results.

Come explore the vineyards and be part of a truly extraordinary tasting experience! You will find an impressive collection of wines, ranging from the prestigious AOC Minervois cuvée to the classic Cru La Livinière blend. And if you’re looking for something more daring, try our exclusive blends produced with Pinot Noir, Cinsault or Tempranillo grapes! Don’t miss out on this incredible chance near Montpellier – treat yourself to memorable escape that you deserve.

Book Wine Tours in Montpellier, France

Immerse yourself in the Languedoc-Roussillon region with Winalist’s 1,000+ wine experiences. Whether you’re looking for a family outing or a romantic getaway, this is one of Southern France’s wine regions that are most beautiful regions to explore! Get away from it all and spend some time exploring Montpellier – don’t miss out on its famous 17th-century Arc de Triomphe monument which symbolizes the power of royalty during King Louis XIV’s reign. This impressive archway pays homage to Saint-Martin in Paris and offers stunning views that are not to be missed!

Delight in the renowned Fabre Museum, home to an extensive collection of European art and earthenware. As you bask in Montpellier’s sunshine, take a walk through Jardin des Plantes before settling down on Place de la Comédie terrace. Winalist hopes your weekend here is nothing short of spectacular!

Southern France Wine FAQs.

What to do in Montpellier

– Discover the Arc de Triomphe
– Visit the Fabre Museum
– Gather in Saint-Pierre Cathedral
– Take a walk on the Place de la Comédie
– Visit the People’s Pavilion
– Discover the history of the Babotte Tower
– Browse the Lez-
– Listen to the Montpellier National Opera

Where to walk in Montpellier

– A hike on the Pic Saint Loup
– Stroll along the edge of the Gorges de la Buèges
– A walk in the Méjéan reserve
– Discover the red soil of Lake Salagou
– Test the Fondespierre circuit – Aqueduct of Castries

Which cities to visit around Montpellier

– The Camargue
– Uzes
– The Canal du Midi
– The Ariège Pyrenees
– The Tarn Gorges
– The pond of Thau
– Collioure
– The Cevennes

How to get around in Montpellier?

– TAM – Transport of the Agglomeration of Montpellier
– Hérault Transport – Bus in the department of Hérault
– Happymoov – Bike-taxi service in pedestrian areas in the city center-
– Taxi TRAM – Taxi service in and around Montpellier