Arcachon, France things to do & beaches

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Welcome to Arcachon, France, a world of verdant, oceanic and architectural contrast. This little paradise welcomes you on land, at sea and even in the air for a guaranteed change of scenery.

If you’ll be visiting Arcachon, France, soon, there is plenty of you to do. For example, you may want to visit Arcachon bay beaches or view the statue of Herculies in Arcahanon. Nearby in Bordeaux, you can take delicious Bordeaux wine tours and discover one of the most acclaimed wine regions in France. this city in France has no shortage of unique and beautiful sites.

Where is Arcachon located in France?

Arcachon is a commune in the southwestern French department of Gironde, positioned along the Atlantic ocean. Created in 1857, the main town of the Pays de Buch is populated by around 11,000 inhabitants all year round, and during the summer welcomes several tens of thousands of tourists who come to take advantage of this idyllic setting for a well-deserved holiday.

The Bassin d’Arcachon is the ideal destination for lovers of nature, fishing and nautical activities of all kinds. But it is also a haven for gourmet food lovers, since you can taste the best oysters (according to the experts) with your feet right in the water.

Do you want to discover the city of Arcachon and its surroundings? If so, follow Winalist’s guide. We give you all the information to make the most of this seaside resort in the Southwest part of France: a tasty mix of extravagance, pure nature and culinary or oenological discoveries.

Arcachon, France things to do & more

Discover the Arcachon region through wine tourism

Arcachon, France in one weekend

If you were to visit Arcachon in the space of a day or a weekend, here is what we recommend visiting:

  1. The Dune of Pilat
  2. Bird Island
  3. Moorish Park
  4. Sainte-Cécile observatory
  5. The winter town district

The Dune of Pilat

The Dune of Pilat is the highest dune in Europe at over 102.5 meters (over 300 feet) in height.

This immense pile of sand extends over approximately 3km (1.8 miles) from Pyla-sur-Mer to Arcachon.

Its notoriety makes it one of the most visited natural sites in France, with no less than 2 million tourists coming to admire this desert landscape of the Côte d’Argent each year.

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Dune of Pilat

At the Dune du Pilat, we like:

  • Walk quietly, feet in the sand
  • go down the Dune at full speed
  • observe a sunset with a small glass of dry white wine
  • go paragliding (before the glass of wine, preferably)

Bird Island

In the middle of the Arcachon basin nestles the Île aux Oiseaux, in the town of Teste-de-Buch.

A former sandbank for some, remains of a dune for others, mystery still hovers around Île aux Oiseaux, which owes its name to the fact that it is a refuge for migrating birds.

Also surrounded by oyster farms, it is a privileged hunting and fishing territory, but highly regulated. This classified natural site can be visited by boaters who love to go there on sunny days.

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Moorish Park

Inspired by English landscaping, the Mauresque (Moorish) park is a vast ensemble of lawns, trees and shrubs among which ginkgo, palm trees and pines grow in harmony.

But there is also something to have fun and learn. After a few games of petanque at the bowling alley, you can have fun watching an outdoor theater play. You can freely and freely visit all of its landscaped ensemble and its waterfalls.

Why “Moorish”? The Mauresque Park owes its name to the Moorish-inspired casino, which was built in 1863, a model of which is still on display there.

Sainte-Cécile observatory

Prepare to take a little height. Once at the end of its spiral staircase, the Sainte-Cécile Observatory offers you a breathtaking panorama (in the literal sense, suddenly) over Arcachon, and its magnificent Bassin of course.

Also called the Belvedere of the Ville d’Hiver, it is accessed by the Saint-Paul footbridge. At the first light of dusk, it is a true masterpiece that we recommend you enjoy!

Arcachon, France’s Winter Town district

Let’s stay on the heights of the city of Arcachon to admire this emblematic architectural paradise that is the Ville d’Hiver.
This is the very essence of Arcachon, evidenced by these sumptuous villas erected since the 19th century. Each one has its history and its singularities.

Not to be missed while strolling through the Ville d’Hiver:

  • Teresa’s villa
  • Carmen’s villa
  • fleming square
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Archanon Bay, France

The Archanon Bay of France is one of the most famous parts of this city. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean and has great beaches to visit on your trip. While there, be sure to visit:

  • Plage de l’océan
  • Plage Thiers
  • Beach of La Hume

Visit Arcachon’s Vineyards of SW France

Browse the most sumptuous estates in the region, and share unique moments with the winegrowers by discovering their wine cellars. On weekdays and weekends, Winalist’s wine making partners offer you the best wine experiences in the South West region of France.

The Gironde is one of the most prestigious regions for all wine tourism enthusiasts. To satisfy young and old, family and friends, the producers of wine here offer various unforgettable wine-related activities.

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What to do in Arcachon

Overall, there is so much to do during your visit to Arcachon, France. Summarized, you can try the following activities.

Sports and hobbies : Golf, boating, lazing on the beach or hiking to breathe fresh air. Paragliding, parachute jumping or tree climbing for more thrills.

Relaxation and outings : You will find thalassotherapy in Cap Ferret but also in Arcachon for a well-deserved moment of relaxation after your day outdoors. Of course, the typical restaurants and bars of the region welcome you with pleasure throughout the day and in the evening. And until the end of the night, the Casino Partouche d’Arcachon opens its doors to you to try to win the jackpot.

Explore the region: If you feel like exploring the surroundings of the Bassin d’Arcachon, you will have plenty to do just a few tens of minutes away by car. The Gironde and the Landes Natural Park have many sites of interest, which we invite you to discover in an original way.
Discover the largest vineyards in the South West, or go and meet the small producers of Bordeaux. Winalist offers you a wide variety of wine tourism activities in just a few clicks.

Accommodation in Arcachon

There is no shortage of accommodations in an area as touristy as the Bassin d’Arcachon.

A slew of campsites welcome you, close to the ocean, the basin and even at the foot of the Dune du Pilat. Ideal for accommodation at low prices in Arcachon, setting up your caravan or traveling in a motorhome.

Bed and breakfasts are also numerous in the region, which can be a good solution for more comfort, taking advantage of warm encounters with the locals. They will not fail to give you all the good advice to discover the Basin and its good addresses.
And of course, you will also find a range of comfortable hotels and holiday residences.

Arcachon, France useful resources

Are you ready now for your expedition to Arcachon? To help you on your journey, here are a few useful facts and bits of information to keep “close to you” while you travel. Consult at any time the useful sites on the city of Arcachon:

  • Weather: Temperatures fluctuate on average around 12° (January) to 27° (August), and sunshine is maximum in June/July;
  • Tourist office: All the news of the city of Arcachon can be found on this site;
  • Tide times: Check precisely the ideal time to go to the beach for your swim of the day.
  • Webcam: Like a desire to surf? Go to to observe the spots!