Bordeaux: a wine capital steeped in history to discover


Historical capital of Aquitaine, the history of Bordeaux is very rich and makes it one of the great cities of France where life is good. At the crossroads of the Landes and the Atlantic, the one known as the “World Wine Capital” welcomes many tourists from all over the world. A real starting point for the Aquitaine Wine and Châteaux Route , Bordeaux is one of the favorite destinations for fans of wine tourism in France .

A brief history of the city of Bordeaux

It was in Antiquity that Burdigala , so named by the Romans, was created from a Gallic village. After multiple fortifications at the time, the fall of the Roman Empire will also be that of the future city of Bordeaux. It was not until the beginning of the 12 th century that the boom really begins, in particular thanks to the wine trade when the city was under the control of the Kingdom of England .

In 1453, the Franks took over the city, before developing it during the following centuries. The Bordeaux vineyard and triangular commerce are the main sources of growth and beautification of the city, which modernizes visibly until the 20 th century and becomes a city considered bourgeois. The wine wealth of the region represents an essential part of the history of Bordeaux.

What to visit in Bordeaux?

One of the most visited cities in France, Bordeaux has a good number of activities and urban excursions for lovers of architecture, culture and wine! Let’s find out the unmissable to be included in your schedule if you count visit Bordeaux .

The port of Bordeaux

A large monument appearing on all the frescoes and representations retracing the history of Bordeaux, the port of Bordeaux, located on the left bank of the Garonne, welcomes pleasure boats in the heart of the city, as well as a large commercial seaport with city gates. To visit these infrastructures, the Tourist Office is setting up a river visit every Saturday to retrace the history of the largest European estuary and 7 th largest port in France.

Natural history museum (Bordeaux Museum)

At the heart of the Jardin Public in the Fondaudège district, the Bordeaux Museum is the perfect visit for the whole family. Using interactive devices and a multimedia show, you visit different spaces and discover the permanent and temporary exhibitions, which retrace the evolution of thousands of specimens.

Other places of interest in Bordeaux

Among the sites to know to allow you to discover the history of Bordeaux, visitors also recommend:

  • The very lively rue Sainte-Catherine;
  • The great theater of Bordeaux, Place de la Comédie;
  • Place de la Victoire;
  • Bordeaux Opera ;
  • And the famous reflecting pool, Place de la Bourse.
Bordeaux history
The water mirror of Bordeaux

Discover Bordeaux wine history with Winalist

To learn all about the origin of Bordeaux’s wine heritage and the history of Bordeaux, you could start with a little theory at the Bordeaux Wine Academy (located 1, cours du 30 Juillet). Did you know, for example, that the establishment of the first grape varieties, ancestors of Cabernets, was carried out by Celtic warriors? The Academy is a true tribute to the ethics and culture that surround History of Bordeaux wines , made up of great personalities, prestigious owners and expert winegrowers.

And to live an original and authentic experience, you will be spoiled for choice by consulting our selection of wine tourism activities in the Bordeaux region . With Winalist, you participate in a few clicks in a tasting or a wine workshop in the best cellars in town .

We articulate our passion for oenology with historical discovery, and choose to work with true enthusiasts who like to share their know-how. Thus, you will also have the opportunity to visit the castles of the region during an unusual stroll, awaken your senses during a creative and innovative workshop with the winegrowers, or even enjoy a privileged visit to the most beautiful estates.