- Bordeaux chateau visits and best things to do in the region - 2021 - 1
Bordeaux chateau visits and best things to do in the region

The Bordeaux vineyard and its oceanic climate is a pilgrimage for all lovers of good wine, but also for tourists looking for a new way…

Spéléoenologie sera certainement la dégustation la plus insolite que vous ferez
Unusual wine tourism experience to challenge the curious ones!

In the air, underground, it’s fun, unconventional and surprising. What if wine tourism was still full of surprises? When the wine is discovered through an unusual experience, it combines with unforgettable shared moments. Winalist has prepared a small selection of such experiences for unusual tourists who want to be challenge!

La recette de vin chaud se compose de très peu d'ingrédients, facile à reproduire chez soi !

Mulled wine recipe: the Glühwein

- Gift ideas for Wine Lovers - 2021 - 6
Gift ideas for Wine Lovers

For Christmas or for a birthday, for your loved ones or for yourself, here are some great ideas to delight and surprise wine lovers!

- Buy your wine directly from the winemaker - 2021 - 8
Buy your wine directly from the winemaker

Looking for wine for the holidays? A unique gift? We offer you an original and informative idea: get your bottle of wine directly from the winemaker!

Le vin naturel ou vin nature est le résultat d’un choix philosophique visant à retrouver l’expression naturelle du terroir.
Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines – what are the differences?

Organic wines, Biodynamic wines, natural wines… are you getting confused ? Winalist tells you everything about these new terms and the differences between the wines they label!

- What do you know about Beaujolais wines? - 2021 - 11
What do you know about Beaujolais wines?

Beaujolais, or “bojo” [bɔʒo] for those in the know, is a wine whose name is very famous but whose taste is little-known. Furthermore, the full range of Beaujolais wines has only been apprehended by happy few insiders.

Le vin végan : est-ce possible ?
Did you just say vegan wine?

More than 3% of the French population is vegetarian. Less but increasingly numerous, vegans have an even more restricted diet. They only eat food from the plant world – they excluded honey, eggs or milk, for example.

Journée vendanges au champagne de Telmont
A day of grape harvest at Champagne de Telmont!

Le domaine nous a ouvert ses portes à Damery, commune située une dizaine de kilomètres d’Epernayafin de participer à une journée particulière: une journée vendanges! En arrivant dans la cour du domaine, nous apercevons la superbe bâtisse qui renferme les secrets de la création de ce champagne d’exception. Nous sommes accueillis par Betrand Lhopital, directeur de la maison J de Telmont depuis 20 ans et Philippe Manfredini, Directeur Commercial.