Wine tours in Barcelona Route

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Barcelona is a dynamic city located in the Catalonia, north-west of Spain, the city is known for its brilliant architecture, amazing night life and incredibly interesting food scene. But Barcelona is also situated right in the middle of one of Spain’s most celebrated wine regions: Catalunya. So, naturally, a Barcelona wine tour is not to be missed when in town!

Cava is a specialty wine produced in this region. It is a sparkling wine made exactly in the style of Champagne. Tasting this gem along with other spectacular wines in Catalunya should be on your agenda if you plan to hop on one of the wine tours from Barcelona on your next wine holiday.

Not far from the city, you can visit several wineries that specialize in luxury cava tours, Barcelona is just an hour away. Discover wine estates that make typical red and white wines using some native Spanish grape varieties like Garnacha, Tempranillo, Monastrel, among others. We recommend that you discover them with one of our wine tours from Barcelona.

Wine and Cava Tour near Barcelona

Technically, there are no wineries IN Barcelona, at least not in the city or the metropolitan area. There are plenty of wineries and vineyards near Barcelona you can visit, some of them as close as just 30min by car or under an hour by train and public transportation, some even reachable by electric bike, but none in the city.

Helicopter Wine Tour over Penedes

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Experience the luxury of a Barcelona wine tour from the sky, on a private helicopter flying over the city and its surrounding vineyards. This is an exclusive activity combining the elements of surprise, thrill and good food and wine. The region of Penedes is the homeland of 90% of Spain’s cava and it is also the producer of some great red and white wines.

Make your own wine or Cava

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Barcelona life

A unique experience but at the same time, a big challenge! Be ready to witness the alchemy of cava-making: cava and you will be the main characters. At the end, you will enjoy a wine, cava and Extra Virgin olive oil tasting.

Opera and wine

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Òpera Samfaina is the most surreal place in Barcelona and for a long time. Imagine a place where all your senses will be awakened to make you experience a unique culinary journey where decor, lighting, music and flavors will be a true firework of sensations!

Terroir tour, an unforgettable experience

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A highly unique touring and tasting experience for those that would like to understand more about what goes into making a premium wine: from the soil and the vine to the barrel and the bottle. Discussions will include soil types, precipitation, climate, vine spacing and varieties, and the multitude of distinct factors that affect the resulting fruit from each estate.

Day trip from Barcelona with Castlexperience

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Our host Castlexperience has put together 4 different day-wine-tours to the natural park and monastery of Montserrat – the heart and soul of Catalonia. Book your next day-trip from Barcelona!


Where can I do a wine tasting in Barcelona?

Barcelona has a wide range of tours and activities, in and around the city. With 12 wine regions D.O (Denomination of region) in Catalonia, there’s plenty of wines and sparkling wines (cava) to share with you. From tasting wines in a bar in Barcelona to going directly to the wineries by bike, foot or mini-van, choose the tour that fits you best!