Top 6 things to see & do in Alba Italy

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Alba Italy is much more than just a beautiful city: it is where the sun rises and shines over the simple Italian way of life. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the splendor of Langhe’s wine-growing landscape, the surroundings of Alba won’t leave you indifferent.

The city of Alba itself is a beauty, a testimony of Ancient Roman times and known as the birthplace of famous chocolate spread Nutella, this Italian town is a great destination for a wine trip in Italy.

Discover with us what’s to see in Alba and things to know before heading to bella Italia!

Where is Alba Italy located?

The city of Alba, Italy is located in the heart of Piedmont vineyards, between Turin, Asti, and close to Barolo & Barbaresco.

Traveling to Alba – Things to know before you go

Close to the cities of Turin and Asti in Italy, traveling to Alba is not complicated – unlike remote villages where public transportation is non-existent and roads very much narrowed. No, driving to Alba is not a must, you can get to Alba by public transportation indeed!

How to get to Alba Italy

By plane: the closest international airports are those of Turin, Milan and Genoa.

By train: from one of these large cities, if they are your landing destinations, you can easily reach Alba by train. From Turin it will take you about 2 hours, a little more from Milan, and close to 3 hours from Genoa.

By car: you can rent a car at the airport you land at, and count about an hour from Turin, an hour and a half from Milan, and more around 2 hours from Genoa.

Where to stay in Alba Italy

Like al large Italian cities, you have a large choice of lodging possibilities. Here is a top selection of Alba Italy hotels and Agriturismo for you to choose the one that makes you to stay longer in Langhe vineyards!

Visiting Alba – Top 6 things to see and do

Alba italy
Alba Italy Castle

Also called the “City of 100 Towers”, Alba hides superb Medieval ruins and entrance gates that are still noticeable today.

Altogether, as much as 6 castles, 7 campariums and numerous churches and monasteries were built back in the day. Whether you are settling in Alba for a couple of days, or planning a day-trip there, here is a list of essential spots you don’t want to miss!

1. San Lorenzo Cathedral

Located in Piazza Risorgimento, this Gothic Cathedral was built back in 1486 with distinctive red bricks. A true work of art, both from outside and from inside, seeing the San Lorenzo Cathedral of Alba is a must.

2. Church of San Domenico

Close to the Cathedral, near the street of Via Calissano, you’ll find the Church of San Domenico – a Romanesque-Gothic-style building that dates back to the 13th century.

It has been restored along the years by the Albeisa family. Today, concerts and exhibitions are still organized inside, to appreciate at best the interior’s artistic setting.

3. Santa Maria Maddalena Church

A more typical Piedmontese baroque building, the Santa Maria Maddalena Church was built by Bernardo Antonio Vittone back in the 18th century. With a large wooden portal that is crossed by arrows, this church is one of the more notable ones you’ll find in Alba.

4. The Towers

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Alba Tower

Know as the “City of 100 Towers”, Alba saw the construction of a whole series of towers in a short length of time, to protect the city. Today, unfortunately only a few towers still remain. The main ones to admire are: Torre Bonino, Torre Astesiano and Torre Sieno, located in Piazza del Duomo.

5. Antico Caffè Calissano

What’s a trip to Italy with no excellent coffee breaks?

Caffès Calissano is Alba’s main caffè spot, created by Luigi Calissano in Piazza del Duomo, in the 19th century. Inside, you can notice fresques and artistic ornaments that date back to the 17th century. For once, it’s better to enjoy your espresso inside rather than on the piazza!

6. Attend one of Alba Italy’s events

All year long, this lively city offers entertaining shows to locals and tourists:

  • Last weekend of May: Flowering Festival at Piazza del Duomo;
  • Alba Music Festival for 2 weeks between May and June, and 3 weeks in July/August;
  • Go to one of the many concerts;
  • The International Faire of the White Truffle of Alba in October;
  • Tournaments of the Hundred Towers on the first Sunday of October;
  • Vinum Wine Festival in April;
  • Alba Festa del Vino during the last weekend of September.

Alba, the gourmet capital of Piedmont

Alba is also a heritage of wine and food. All year long, many events and festivities are focused on Alba cuisine and local specialties. If you are a foodie, go to Market Aleramim where locals offer most exquisite Piedmont food & wine specialties like the local cheese “Rabiola of Alba” and of course, famous “Polenta”.

Taste Italian white Alba truffle

alba italy, langhe wine region, white alba truffle, piedmont vineyards, where is alba italy - Top 6 things to see & do in Alba Italy - 2024 - 6
Pasta Truffle dish

Alba is known around the world for its prized white truffle – which explains why a Truffle festival exists! One of the city’s main autumn attractions, this unique event takes place each weekend in October. You’ll find all kinds of truffle wonders, cooked in so many different ways you didn’t know truffle was so cookable: ravioli, raw meat and fried eggs with white Alba truffle.

Nice restaurants in Alba

It’s had to be deceived from a restaurant in Alba – them Italians know their food and wish to treat you well with their wonderful local products. Here are however addresses of best restaurants in Alba:

  • Ugo Gastronomia in Via Vittorio Alfieri: home-made pasta and Alba white truffle dishes you long to try.
  • Ristorante Piazza Duomo in Piazza Risorgimento: a more expensive outing, it is recognized in the Top 20 best restaurants in Italy wit 3 Michelin stars.
  • Ape Wine Bar: perfect if you know your wine! And if you don’t, you’ll still a great time thanks to the joint’s very welcoming ambiance.

Alba surroundings: explore the Langhe wine region

alba italy, langhe wine region, white alba truffle, piedmont vineyards, where is alba italy - Top 6 things to see & do in Alba Italy - 2024 - 8
Langhe region – Piedmont

Close to Barolo vineyards, exploring beautiful Piedmont wineries is a must if you settle in Alba for a few days. Whether you have rented a car or hired a driver, wondering around Piedmont vineyards will give you the opportunity to visit as many wineries as you wish along the way! To make the most of your wine stay in Langhe wine region, pre-book our wine-tourism activities on Winalist and win time by using our search engine and interactive map. Find your next amazing wine tasting or Tour near Alba!

Enjoy your visit to Alba Italy in Piedmont vineyards!

FAQ & Useful resources

Is Alba worth visiting?

On top of being a beautiful city, Alba hides Medieval treasures and his reputed for excellent local food & wine. Alba is a great city to visit and offer the complete Italian experience.

When should I go to Alba?

If you like truffles, you should go to Alba in October: The Truffle Festival takes place every weekend from beginning of October to the end of the month.
If you like Floral festivals, May is best.
If you are fund of concerts and lively shows, the months of July and august are your best shot!

What is Alba famous for?

Alba is famous for several things: White Alba truffles, the Nutella chocolate spread, and more generally speaking for its cuisine.

How do you get to Alba Italy?

You can reach Alba from Turin by public transportation with no trouble, or by car or bus.