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Gift ideas for Wine Lovers
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Gift ideas for Wine Lovers

For Christmas or for a birthday, for your loved ones or for yourself, here are some great ideas to delight and surprise wine lovers!

The amateur’s accessories

When it’s time for tasting, they are always very useful:

Stemmed glasses

Beautiful glasses always give a nice impression, when they are offered and whenever they are taken out of the cupboard. There are different types depending on the wine, but the standard ones have the following features:
– the bottom of the glass must be larger than the beak,
– they are transparent to appreciate the wine’s colour,
– they are big enough so that 12 cL only occupies a third of the glass

A wine decanter

To aerate and decant the wine (separate the wine from any potential deposits that fall to the bottom). There are many models, from the most classic to the most original.

A corkscrew

From the classic wood device to the fancy multicolor one, a corkscrew has to be chosen according to its use. For a professional use, choose a lever counter corkscrew or an automatic version. For those who collect corks, there are bimetallic corkscrews that do not pierce the cork!!

A drop stop

Simple or with a complex design, they’ll all make sure your tablecloth is spotless! They also take the pressure out of the person who is serving the wine who doens’t have to worry about the wine drop anymore! The metal spout remains the most economical and practical because it fits the neck of the bottle. You can go for plastic “wine aerator” versions or more discreet ones, the bottle necks which will absorb the drops that dare to escape!


⇒ To buy

You can find them in a garden centers along with advice on how to grow and take care of your plant. Keept it away from wing but let it have as much sun as it can. The vine will perfectely fit on a balcony or a terrace as much as planted in a garden. If you want to get some fruits, you will need to prune your vine so that it does not give all its energy to expand preventing grapes from growing. The grapes you will obtain will be more tart than you are used to, but will certainly have a different taste than the supermarket ones!

⇒ To rent

We heard through the grapevine that you can sponsor a vine in a French vineyard! You “rent” it and follow its evolution on the internet. You can visit the vineyard, give a hand to the winemaker for the harvest or attend the winemaking process. Coupled with this winemaking experience, you will receive 6 bottles of your vine’s vintage at home!

A winery discovery: Tasting, visit or workshop

Offer an incomparable opportunity to meet a winemaker, a traditional know-how and a terroir. Several activities can be booked among which :
visits to cellars and vineyards
wine workshops

You can select the winery according to the activities it offers, according to its orientation (conventional, organic or biodynamic wine) or according to its wine region (Champagne, Bordeaux, and Alsace are all within 2 hours away from Paris). Visit the vineyards and meet passionate winemakers in a few clicks, the booking is free, an email and SMS will be sent to remind you of your booking. Find your winery here.

A wine box

Let’s talk well, let’s talk wine. We propose you to offer a pleasure and an excitement from some great wine discovery in 2 clicks! Meet Box de Champagne and receive the best Champagne vinified and marketed by Champagne vine growers, every month.

Champagne is a famous wine but we only know few flavors. For those who would like to learn about the terroir of Champagne through monthly tastings guided by a booklet and videos, this gift is for them! Chineur advises you for tasting and recommand recipes to pair with your wine. The Epernay start-up puts forward its winemakers: it introduces you to those who send you your beautiful bottle and offers you a 20% discount if you want to buy extra bottles of a Champagne you really liked.

Life is too short to offer unoriginal gifts. The whole Winalist team hopes this little list will inspire you!

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